Saturday, 29 December 2012

Minimizing all windows to show desktop in gnome 3.5.4

I Just upgraded to gnome 3.5.4 from gnome 3.4 on Ubuntu and now I feel that it is one of the most buggiest gnome versions ever :(
Gnome shell extensions are one of the best things ever for me especially when gnome came up with installing extension from their website. But unfortunately for Gnome 3.5.4 almost no extensions in their website support it :'( . And it is extremely hard to install gnome shell extensions from their source.
One of the most annoying thing is that "Hide all normal windows" feature doesn't seem to work. And bug while changing brightness still not fixed.
So I have decided to manually fix each of the bugs myself for now.
Today I will show you how to enable "Show Desktop" or "Hide all normal windows"

Open Terminal and install xprop and xwit

sudo apt-get install xprop xwit 

Download the Gist file which i have created or copy from below and save it as
Loading ....
Then open Keyboard shortcuts and create a Custom Shortcut

Then give a name to the shortcut and in place of command give the link to the script which you just downloaded. Make sure that that file is executable. If not change it using file properties or use chmod.

Now assign some key for it preferably Super+D

If you don't  like doing all those there is a docklet called "Show Desktop" for Docky which still works pretty well if you don't mind using your mouse :P

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