Friday 30 November 2012


    Glutrix is an awesome action game made by us for our Computer Graphics project. It is made using OpenGL in C++. However we were not allowed to use any of the inbuilt functions coz the main reason behind the project was to learn how graphical object are constructed from scratch i.e considering point as our base object.  Still it turned out to be pretty decent.
    It is now open source and the source is available here
    Fork it->edit it->redistribute it with more fun

    How to play

    It is a two player game where:
    Player 1 has a drawing board where he can draw any object using any of the tools available and that object will turn into an obstacle for Player 2. Suppose he finds a weakness in player 2 he can store that drawing and can re-spawn it again and again. Player 1 has to make use of the fuel he has efficiently. More the number of points he uses to construct the obstacle more fuel is consumed. The game speeds up with time making it difficult for both players but it will become more difficult for player 1. Hence he has to finish off player 2 as fast as possible.

    Player 2's job is simple he can jump and evade the obstacles made by player 1 or he can shoot the obstacles out of his way. Even player 2 has limited fuel. The jumps he performs consumes some amount of fuel and the bullets he shoots consumes considerable amount of fuel. If he is hit by an obstacle he will loose some health. For every 200 counts player 2 gets a shield which absorbs some amount of damage when he is hit.


    1. Linux (Ubuntu preferred)
    2. Libraries gl.h,glut.h (got by installing freeglut)
    3. xdpyinfo (if not there modify
    4. g++
    5. mplayer(if not there modify the code with aplay)

    How to install

    Type these commands in the terminal after going to that directory:
    $ chmod +x install 
    $ ./install

    How to just run

    Type this command in the terminal after going to that directory
    $ make