Saturday, 1 December 2012

Increase your internal memory of your Android phone

I have seen people struggling to install apps on their android due to the fact that they have less internal memory. Today i will show you how to increase your internal memory i.e i will show you how to use your SD card as your internal memory
There are two ways of doing it one the noob way(easy and safe) and the other geek way(difficult and risky).
Anyway for either of them you have to do this

  1. BACKUP YOUR SD CARD as all contents on the SD card will be lost.
  2. Download clockwork mod for your phone. Just Google it :P . And then place it in your SD card (don't unzip it).
  3. Reboot to recovery mode. It is different in different phones. In my phone (Samsung Galaxy Y) while starting the phone i have to hold the power up+home button+power button to go to recovery mode.
  4. Click on install zip from SD card. Note that volume buttons must be used to go up and down in the menu and home button to select.
  5. Select (clockworkmod file which you downloaded)
  6. Now CWM will open. Go to advanced.
  7. Select Partition your SD card 
  8. Select how much you memory you want to allocate to your phone. Don't select more than 2048.
  9. If you don't want swap select 0 for swap( swap will speedup your phone to some extent but not necessary ).
  10. Reboot phone
  11. Download Link2SD from Google play and select the format to ext4. If it shows some error retry selecting ext3. If that also doesnt work try ext2. If that also doesn't work go to Mt. Everest and throw your phone. Just kidding :P

Noob way

Simply use Link2SD to create links to your apk, dex(dalvik-cache) and cache files. And enjoy with more apps :P

Geek way

Do something like this (creating softlinks part) on your phone!! This will make your phone hard to manage but much much efficient than simply using Link2SD.


  1. Can you do it without partitioning you SD??? I have only 2GB SD card and i don't want to partition my SD

    1. Sorry you can't :(
      The problem is that your SD card will be in FAT32 format and most android phones support only FAT32. However it is not possible to make soft links using FAT32 partition.
      But even after partitioning it is possible to store other data in that partition :) The new partition will be mounted to /data/sdext2/. Use root explorer to view that.