Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Make STAR WARS message greet you when you open the terminal

I am a great fan of STAR WARS like many of you out there. So I decided to write a script which greets me with star wars message every time I open my Terminal to code.
Suppose say you are using Bash, when you open your terminal the file ~/.bashrc will run. Similarly if you are using Zsh => ~/.zshrc will run. So basically I can just put an echo statement in that to make it greet me every time I open my terminal. Today lets do something more interesting. Someting like this:

To get this you can just download this gist and add the contents in it to ~/.bashrc or ~/.zshrc or ~/.cshrc ..etc depending on which shell you are using. Or you can just copy the following and paste it in ~/.bashrc or ~/.zshrc or ~/.cshrc