Wednesday 21 January 2015

WhatsApp Web desktop client for mac

Whatsapp Messenger finally enabled users to use it from desktop. Unfortunately it is not a desktop client and you have to open the browser all the time to open it. Safari lovers have to open Google Chrome just to open WhatsApp! So I created an unofficial desktop app for mac using which you can get a standalone desktop experience while using it.


Firstly I am assuming that you have installed chrome browser. This will be a wrapper application around Google Chrome. Download the zip file. Extract the zip and simply double click on to open it! You can also move it to Applications folder to access it from anywhere. This is how it looks.

Download WhatsApp for Mac

How it works

If you want to make the app yourself, Simply execute the following shell script!

Now simply open the app!


  1. How do you scan the QR code?

    1. You need to scan it from WhatsApp app on phone.

    2. How exactly is that done ?

    3. Go to whatsapp app on your phone and select Whatsapp web from the menu. Then you will be able to scan the QR code from it.

  2. I did the same yesterday, but do you know how start the Google with a specific width and height? The option --app removes address bar and tabs bar but it removes the correct scroll when I resize the window. Did you see this?

  3. Will you add the phone function?