Monday, 6 July 2015

Celebrating the return of Dragon Ball: Kamehameha boot animation

I am sure many of you are excited about the return of DragonBall after 18 years as DragonBall Super! Although I saw the original series much after it ended, I am a great fan of it and the fact that it gave birth to a new generation of anime is just amazing. Hats off to you Akira Toriyama!

To celebrate the return of DragonBall, I made a video of me performing the classic Kamehameha attack and made it my phone's boot animation. Here is the Vine of the video I made:


Grab the Adobe After Effects project of this video from here.

Here is how it looks while phone is booting:

Boot animation in android comes from the file called which is at /system/media. This file essentially consists of sets of sequences of images which have to be shown one after the other. Here we need to generate with just one sequence of images (extracted from the video) which runs in a loop. As there is no tool which can do this, I wrote a simple shell script.

Here we have to generate two things.

1. Folder with sequence of images.
2. Description of, which tells what to do with the images.

After running this script, is generated. Now move it to /system/media and set the permissions to 0644 (rw-r--r--)

Now reboot the phone and you are done!


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