Friday, 29 August 2014

My tiny contribution for a prosperous digital age

I got my first salary few days back. I could think of hundreds of ways to spend that money. But I wanted to do something else, something I've always wanted to do. I donated a tiny amount of my money to Wikipedia. I didn't stop there. I have contributed to open source earlier too, but only in the form of code. I felt that it is time for me to contribute monetarily. I made donations to Ubuntu foundation and Tor project. The amount of joy I got out of doing this was unfathomable and I am sure that nothing else would've made me more happy.

I have decided to spend a tiny percentage of my salary to donate for such organizations every month. I believe that donating as little as $2 each can shape a better and prosperous digital age. And I think people like me who are in their early 20s with absolutely no responsibility to bear should step up and do this too. Here is a list of organizations which could use your donations:

Wikimedia Foundation - Makers of Wikipedia and wikia. Providing free access to the sum of all human knowledge to every single person on the planet.

Ubuntu foundation - On a mission to make linux desktop reach the common man.

Tor project - Anonymity online.

GNU Project - Father of the concept of free software.

The Apache Software Foundation - There are no words to describe their contribution to free and open source software.

The document foundation - makers of Libreoffice.

NOTE: I will keep updating the list.