Saturday, 15 December 2012

Make a bootable usb for windows using DISKPART

It has been some time since i came to know about this method and I really don't remember from where I came to know how to do this.
Although there are many software with GUI which can do exactly the same thing as this, I prefer to do it via command line simply because i don't want to depend on some dumb software to do such a petty task :P
 The idea is to make a primary partition on you usb drive and put the contents of the windows os onto the usb drive. After making the bootable usb you can simply boot from usb to install windows.


1.   Go to Start->run
2.   Type 'cmd' to open the command prompt
3.   In command prompt type DISKPART
4.   Then type LIST DISK. This should display all the active disk drives.
5.   Now select the usb drive from the list. Say Disk 1 is the one ! type SELECT DISK 1
6.   CLEAN
7.   Now create a primary partition on your usb drive. CREATE PARTITION PRIMARY
10. Now format your usb drive to ntfs. FORMAT FS=NTFS
12. EXIT
13. Now copy all the contents in the windows iso or disk to usb drive( DONT COPY ISO ITSELF)
14. Now boot from usb to install from the usb drive

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